Let’s try this again, shall we?

The question will eventually be asked, so I’ll address it now to save myself the trouble later. “Nicole, what happened to the novel you started writing last September?” I answer this with clarity, honesty, and self-love: I bit off more than I could chew with Headstone. I am not doubting my abilities as a writer, but rather acknowledging that I don’t have the skills necessary to tell the story as I want it to be told.


I can’t grow if I can’t write, and the near-stagnation of the last 9 months cannot continue. So, I’m shelving it. I will tell Elizabeth Markham’s story in the future, when I have more experience, but it’s more important to keep moving now and getting better.

Over the last few posts, I’ve mentioned how “memento mori” have intrigued me, and I wrote about the pull away from using my imagination in favor of using my memory. Those pieces, coupled with little sprinkles of inspiration, finally came together to form an idea for a new novel that I’ve started outlining.

Uprooted will be in the YA genre, and tell the story of Daveigh, a 17 year old who was raised Wiccan and will be called to use all of her magickal resources (and some non-magickal!) when the veil between the living and the dead falls on Samhain. That’s all I’ve got to share so far, but I can tell you that Uprooted will feature strong, feminist characters and there will be no love triangle.

No. Love. Triangle.

(You’re welcome.)

I have also shelved all of my short-stories-in-progress, which also means a break in my submissions to literary magazines. There’s a part of this decision that isn’t quite sitting well with me, but I can’t figure out why. Until I do, I’m just staying the shelving course and reserve the right to change my mind.

After resigning as Senior Editor of Sick Lit Magazine, I’ve stayed in close contact with Kelly, the Editor-In-Chief, and we’ve been working on a new project together. I’m not at liberty to say what, exactly, but it will be another intriguing creative outlet for us both. We’ll be rolling out more information this fall, which means I’ve got a very busy second half of 2017 planned because…

I’ve resumed my college classes. After taking a much needed break this spring, I’m ready to ease back in. I have 8 classes left until I graduate (slightly more if I’m accepted into the Honors Program, again–oof.) but rather than try to plow through, I’m going to take my time. I have a well-earned 4.0 to maintain, athankyew, and I’m in no rush.

TL;DR: I have thrown all of my previous writing projects into a drawer in favor of starting a new novel, which will be written between Kelly and I doing a thing and cram sessions of knowledge into my eye-hole.


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