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I’m spending the summer working with a life coach, Terri Connellan. The term “life coach” doesn’t truly encompass the magic partnering with Terri conjures, so I’ve decided she shall henceforth be called my Terri Godmother. That fantastic Australian accent is enough to move mountains, but as she’s also an INTJ, we have an ability to communicate with each other that gets straight down to business. Together, we’ve created three goals I’d like to work on throughout the next twelve weeks that all relate to my writing career, one on a spiritual/personal level, one on a creative level, and one on a business level.

It’s my personality to go straight for the left-brain activity, as I know it’s going to be the easiest for me to cross off and begin basking in the glow of accomplishment. That, in this case, I took to be the business goal: Begin properly using my social media accounts, specifically this blog. Whatevs, I flippantly thought. I just retweet, post pictures, and voila. Done. Check. Next? Well, I fell swiftly down a rabbit hole of terms like “curate content” and “SEO” and “brands” and realized I had a lot more work to do than I thought.

Inhale, exhale.

I’m starting at the beginning. I’ve always used social media as a tool for being, well, social, so to have to start thinking as myself as a commodity I have to sell is foreign, if not jarring. I mean, I remember when the “hashtag symbol” used to be called a pound sign, or for those of us who are really old, a number sign. I never wanted to be an entrepreneur; I’d rather mind my business than create a business! Yet, the world of writing today demands I grow if I want to succeed, so I have to start going with the flow.

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