The Little Cottage That Could

When we moved into our house nearly a decade ago, we turned a shed into a playhouse for the girls, complete with a loft and everything. As happens with children, they grew and eventually couldn’t get into the playhouse without being hunched to avoid hitting their heads. Plus, you know, spiders are outside, and sheds are stellar spider accumulators, so the playhouse was dismantled to make a new home for the lawn mower.

Years have passed, and I can honestly say that we did a terrible job of maintaining the shed once the girls weren’t frequenting it. Recognizing the structure was in bad shape, I claimed it for my own, kicked the stinkin’ lawn mower back into the garage, and declared the space to be the site of my new writer’s cottage.


Now that Kyle’s work travel for the year has passed, we started the process of demolishing the shed to get an idea of how bad the damage was. If we had severe structural or foundational destruction, the whole shed would need to be rebuilt from the ground up–about a year of work, not including cold months. Once we got the walls off and the floor popped up, we could see that the structure was salvageable. We set ourselves a timetable of six months of Mondays, a budget of not-nearly-enough, and got to work.


Kyle put his drafting skills to work and threw together a plan which was way more intense than I expected, and we waited for the next Monday to come up so we could finish the demo and get started on the foundation work that needs done. Well…


That Monday was today, and the weather didn’t cooperate. We kept an eye on the weather yesterday, prepared to do what we could in the event of rain today, but nooooo, that lying jerk weather app swore it wouldn’t rain today. We got up early, brewed some coffee, and got ready to work, only to have the sky open up and pour on us the whole day. While having another day of rest after a busy week was nice, Kyle and I are both anxious to get progress moving. Six months of Mondays will pass quickly, so we don’t have a lot of time for many of these rain delays.

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