Warming up the magic wand

When I introduced my Terri Godmother a few weeks ago  I explained I’m working with her this summer to get the ball rolling on my writing career. We created a three-pronged attack: one on a spiritual/personal level, one on a creative level, and one on a business level.

The spiritual goal was to help me follow my intuition without second guessing myself. Sadly, there are a lot of voices from my past bouncing around in my head telling me all of the things I can and cannot do, and sometimes those overpower my own inner voice. I’ve had so many backhanded compliments all these years that it’s hard to understand when someone is rooting for me versus watching intently to see me fail. I’ve worked to scrub the latter’s toxic “support” from my head and trust my own internal compass. I’m a brave person, willing to do the hard, scary things to get where I want to go. I just need to remember that.

The creative goal was to get Uprooted off the ground (pun intended!) this summer so that I would be able to work on it alongside returning to school without getting bogged down. As I’ve mentioned before here, the plan was to do all of the prep work to start writing the first draft in September, but I trusted myself when my intuition said “Enough prep–Write now!” My new goal is to get through the first three chapters before September, and that is well within my reach.

The business goal was to get me comfortable thinking of myself as the product that needs marketed. It’s a weird truth, but the publishing world today likes to know that writers will be bringing a large group of people along with them. More fans equates to more books sold, I suppose, so a writer with a large social media presence is seen as less of a risk and therefore is more likely to find a trustworthy publisher. This means that I have to start getting comfortable on social media and building a network. I’ll be honest that using words like that make my skin crawl, so I’m determined NOT to think of the people I meet through social avenues as future customers, but to think of them as my community. I’m not interested in “followers” as much as I am friends. My compromise has been to join the social media sites, but refuse to curate my life or my content to bring in page views. I will be unabashedly Nicole, and those who come along because they like me can do so, but it has to be because they like me, not because they like a persona. If I have to be a product, I will be just what it says on the tin.

So, let’s connect! I’ve conveniently left links to find me across the internet at the top of this site, so stop by and see what I’m about. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be implementing plans I’ve cooked up with Terri to make each of these sites more fun and engaging, so keep an eye out for updates. Big things are on the brew and I’m excited to share the magic with my new community.

Make sure you check out Terri’s site, too. She’s a gem! Working with her has been one of the best decisions I’ve made to help get where I want to be. If you’re in a state of creative living flux and would like a Godmother in your corner, I can’t recommend her enough.

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