Weekend for two

Saturday night, Kyle and I dropped our daughters off for a week with my parents. It’s an outing that started last summer while Kyle and I were both in school. Since we had an entire semester compressed into 8 weeks, midterms and finals were both really stressful and time consuming. Rather than torture the kids with a week of silence and fried parents, we let them go have some fun with family.

It’s strange, then, to have them gone for a week, but not have my face planted in a textbook the whole time. When we woke up Sunday morning, Kyle and I lounged in bed reading until we realized “Hey, we can actually go do stuff! ALONE!” After a few minutes of consideration, we decided to go check out some of the museums we love in Cleveland, but have never been to without our children.

First, we hit up Cleveland Botanical Garden. Ginger has lepidopterophobia, so we’ve only been once and she nearly had a heart attack. I, however, was hecka excited to spend time in the Glasshouse, getting buzzed by a bunch of blue morpho butterflies.

Next, we walked over to the Cleveland Natural History Museum, where we were sweet-talked into buying a membership. It wasn’t that hard to do, honestly.  Free access to that Planetarium? I’m in. We didn’t watch the show about the upcoming solar eclipse, though, opting instead to hurry up and get the girls there to see it with us. I spent an alarming amount of time comparing my teeth to our ancient ancestors’, and also freaked out a nice lady at the rock table when I referred to sandstone as “baby glass.”

Last, we couldn’t be at University Circle without visiting the Cleveland Museum of Art. It’s a huge source of inspiration for me, but everything passed by in a blur this time around. I was tired and hungry, so our next stop before heading south was obvious.

Coquette Patisserie has been a favorite stop for us in Cleveland for a few years. We typically stop in to fill our faces with delicious macarons, but Kyle and I decided to sit back with coffee and some delicious mousse cake things that had flakes of gold on them. I don’t think I’ve ever willingly eaten gold before so that was an experience. The lighting was fantastic, so we spent an embarrassing amount of time taking pictures of each other and giggling.

Mondays are reserved for working on the cottage, but we spent the majority of the day lounging around with our books. After all of the extroversion on Sunday, we were happy to hide out in the house and relax. There was plenty of work that needed done (Dear Neighbors, sorry about the jungle growing in our front yard!) but being responsible to anything but each other was the last thing on our minds.

Now, the honey-weekend is over. Kyle had to go back to work today, which means I get back to work, too. I’ve got a few fun things that will be rolling out here and on my Instagram over the next couple of days, not to mention a novel to write and more than a few to read! In having these large stretches of time to myself, I expect this will be a very productive week for me, especially after such a fantastic weekend.

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