Book Blitz!

I’ve simultaneously enjoyed and lamented an epic To Be Read pile in my office. I loved having so many possibilities available to me, but without time to settle in and read, what good were the books? With so much solo time this week, I set a goal.

Seven books, seven hundred pages, seven days.

Let’s be clear, though; I have a strict “100 Page Policy.” If I read to page 100 in a book and can put it down, I do put it down. It took me many years to learn that, if I’m not so invested in the story that I have to keep reading, I’m not likely to enjoy the rest of the book. There are just too many awesome stories out there waiting to be read to waste time finishing books I don’t like. That goes for my TBR pile, too. So each day this week has been dedicated to reading 100 pages and deciding if the book is worth keeping TBR.

Turns out, I read a lot faster than I thought. I’ve already blitzed through five of the seven books in the pile–two are keepers, two are on deck, and three have been removed. To avoid turning anyone off from any of these books, I’m not going to say which is which. I will tell you that I’m already looking forward to picking up the sequel to Six of Crows! That is one clever book, and I’m a sucker for unique marketing techniques, like those luscious black pages.

I feel a huge weight off my shoulders to have whittled this pile down to something more manageable. Once the semester starts, my reading time will be drastically shortened, so it’s nice to not be lugging these all around, mentally. If all goes well, the keepers will be read by summer’s end, anyway, and then I can work on building a whole new pile to be overwhelmed by! Now if I can just exercise some restraint a buying more books until then…

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