What day is it?

It would seem I was temporarily stuck in a black hole there for a few days. Spaghettification aside, it was a nice break. There were two days where, if I wasn’t eating, I was sleeping. I didn’t realize how worn out I was until I was able to do nothing but sleep. It was kind of amazing.

Now, my favorite hooligans are home from their week with grandparents, and the wheel of the year is turning again. School starts up in a month, which means the summer mentality needs to start (slowly) giving way to the autumn mentality.

Let me just say that, as someone who is madly in love with fall, I’m freakin’ excited to see that stores are filling with Back-To-School supplies and all things orange and red. It’s a fun balancing act to keep both feet planted in the lushness of summer while also prepping for the sensory delight of fall. A friend once referred to me as “Buddy the Elf of Halloween” and that’s no joke. I come to life on September 1st. But it’s important to me to appreciate where I am in the moment, too, and there’s still plenty of summer fun and adventure on the way.

The challenge for us in the coming weeks will be trial and error in finding a new rhythm that works for our family. Kyle’s work schedule will change, I’ll be on campus, and both of our daughters will be in high school. And, heh, we have one vehicle with soon-to-be three drivers. My writing schedule will have to blend into all of that in a way that still gives my novel the priority it deserves.

Luckily for us, “Toss everything into the air and see where it lands” is my specialty. Making order out of chaos is what I do best, so this Organizational Beast is in for a good time. Good thing I’m well-rested!

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