Preparing Summer’s Grand Finale

I followed my intuition when I started writing my novel two months ahead of schedule, and I followed my intuition when I took two weeks off from it. There are a lot of writers who believe you show up at the page, no matter what, and write every day. I agree with that, to a degree, but I also recognize that the majority of what I force when I write out of discipline rather than spirit is crap.

I started writing crap, I knew it, and I tried to revise it to be less crappy before I continued on. As can be expected, the rewrite was just as crappy as the original. So, I took a break, letting my mind focus on one of the other eight thousand things it’s juggling constantly, and knowing that the story would be better for it in the end.

It was a rejuvenating break, but it’s time to get back to work. My daily schedule has been built and is ready to put into practice once school starts. It’s a deft little piece of organization, and should help me retain some sanity in September. I was smart to schedule in daily naps! My brain is going to be heckin’ busy.

Before we move on to September, though, I’ve still got a lot of August to get through. We’ve got a wee little trip happening halfway through, a Sweet 16 birthday, more cottage to build, and some supplies to procure for my learning edu-tainment. And, of course, a novel to write.

I feel good in my heart. I’ve got a positive feeling that the last few weeks of summer are going to be an exciting whirlwind, a Grand Finale of summer.

Let’s do this!

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