Phasers set to stun!

Phase 1 of the writer’s cottage is done. We completed all of the demolition that we originally intended on doing, which means that the Phase 2: Rebuild Boogaloo should be up next. But during the “stand back and admire our hard work” part of the project, Kyle and I came to an understanding about what we were doing. The final project, the cottage itself, belongs to me. From the moment it is finished, it is mine to do what I want with, and what I want to do is write many fantastic stories in it.

Before that happens, though, the cottage is Kyle’s. That is to say, my enjoyment of the space comes when it’s done. His enjoyment of the space is now, in the construction. I had fairly simple requirements of the cottage: a door, a roof, secure walls, no mice. Everything the cottage is shaping up to become is the direct result of Kyle’s creative design. He has guaranteed I’ll have what I asked for, but from there, the choices being made are all his.

Where this took a sharp turn south was on the topic of timelines. Since I have simple tastes and minimal requirements, building a cottage I would be happy to work in shouldn’t take more than another month to complete. Kyle, however, has pretty big plans for the cottage that will take the better part of a year to finish. The more grandiose his plans get, the further away I see my cottage in the distance.

I wanted to write Uprooted in my cottage. He wants to build a cottage he can be proud of. This could have become a nasty battle, but Kyle dreamed his whole life of building tree-houses and this is his chance. I saw the blueprints he drew up; this cottage is going to be a stunner. Rather than push for my minimalist cottage in a minute, I want to give him the gift of giving me the gift of a gorgeous cottage. In a year. He’s building a space to help me reach my writing goals and in turn, I’m giving him my support and patience to help make his dream come true. Phase 2 is going to be a long one.

I’ll likely have Uprooted written before the cottage is complete. I don’t want to stall my writing project because the cottage project has stretched out. But I’ll definitely have a wonderful time sitting in it to write Uprooted 2: Cottage Boogaloo.

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