Secrets in Seattle

I promised a detailed write-up of my recent trip to Seattle, but the longer I sit here gathering my thoughts, the more I realize I don’t want to do that. It’s an interesting lesson for me in finding the boundary between my professional life and my personal life and honestly, this is it.

I had an amazing time in Washington with my family. As my sister and brother-in-law have never been to the Pacific Northwest, we made sure we hit the city hard. There was so much laughter and happiness, and I want to keep that sacred, personal. My dear friend Mat and his wife Kim came up from Utah as well, and our time together was so wonderful. It’s okay for me to keep things private and close to my heart, so I’m choosing to do that in this case. This trip was too important to me to share with the masses. Just know that I come back to Ohio feeling loved, supported, and overjoyed that I could share my favorite place with some of my favorite people, and have them fall in love with Seattle as well.

What I will share is that this trip had a hidden agenda. We went to celebrate Robin’s Sweet 16th birthday (Who needs a party when you can have a city?!) but we also had our radars out to gauge the potential for a relocation. I haven’t written much about it, but we may have a forced move in our future. After years of keeping us on our toes, Kyle’s job has finally given the official green light to a merger which means one of three things for our family: 1) we move to Cleveland where Kyle’s job is going, 2) we pick our own destination and move before the merger, or 3) we fight to be one of the few who will stay here. A few months ago, we went back to Savannah to see if we would want to move back to the Lowcountry. After some deliberation, we decided no, that area is no longer home.

Seattle, however, is still on the table. It’ll take a few more days to process the trip and explore what we feel, as a family, but a final decision should be coming soon. Wherever we choose to settle our bodies, we know our hearts will forever be split between two different cities.

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