A Gentlegal and a Scholar

The verdict is in! I have officially been accepted into the Honors Program at school. Again.

When I decided to go back this semester, I wanted to take it slow, to pick one class, focus on that, and build back up from there. The program, however, has a different plan for me. I have to take a minimum of 6 credit hours a semester, and at least one of those classes must be an honors class. There was no way in heck I was about to decline my acceptance a second time. There are so many perks to being in the Honors Program (the scholarship, the shiny seal on my degree, the stylish tassels at graduation, the scholarship, the added ability to transfer with honors…) that I’d be stupid not to bite the bullet and push forward.

I’m now registered for two classes: Statistics and Effective Speaking. Let’s be honest, I’m terrible at both. For as logical as my brain is, math is just…the worst. Plus, I’m a raging introvert and I’d rather shave my tongue than give speeches. But what I have working in my favor is one heck of a stubborn streak, more willpower than any one person should have, and an intense love for my 4.0 GPA. I have made it this far in college by completing the work my way, always pushing the boundaries of the assignments to show that I’m not only paying attention, but willing to dig deeper. My personality shines through in even the most mundane assignments, so I quickly make a name for myself with all of my professors. As long as I remember that I am my own best asset, I will be able to knock this semester out of the park.

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