Summer Wrap-Up

I promised a whirlwind August, and August delivered. Even I got swept up at the end of the month and had to step away from the internet to keep my footing. Rather than try to cover all I’ve been up to individually, I’m giving the short-short version in bullet form with links:

  • After a summer break, Sick Lit Magazine is back up and running with a radiant Mrs. Kelly Faulk at the helm! She wants to steer SLM towards a more “magazine” feel rather than literary blog, and there are a few steps we’re working on together to slowly make that transition. Even though I left my staff position as an editor, I am now a regular columnist, putting me back on the side of the desk I prefer to be on: the writing side.
  • Kyle and I now have the joyous parental task of teaching Robin how to drive. We’ve figured out that Kyle’s teaching style is technical, whereas mine is more zen. We’ve been up and down our road so many times now that I’m pretty sure our neighbors think we’re up to something.
  • In honor of Autumn, I have dusted off my old Tumblr account, which was used last year for the sole purpose of reblogging awesome seasonal photos. If you’re in need of some fall aesthetic, start at the last page and work your way to the first. But pace yourself, lest you find yourself in the ho-ho-ho spirit mid-September!
  • The lovely Kim Manganelli has released her new project, Wisteria Writing Workshops, into the world. She is currently hosting the #ShowUp100 challenge that continues on through the rest of 2017, and I will be happily participating!
  • Do you like Edgar Allan Poe? Do you like literature? Do you have a warped sense of humor? If you answered anything at all to any of those questions, consider this your invitation to Edgar Allan Poe’s Murder Mystery Dinner Party/Gala For Friends Potluck!
  • The image with this post is artfully titled “Existential Crisis Balloon Escape Sad Hipster Instagram Photo Without  Navel Gazing Caption” and it was taken yesterday at the Inaugural Akron Pride festival. It was a fantastic time, and I look forward to going again next year, under many layers of sunblock.

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