The Ol’ College Try

Life came at me fast this month. September’s not even over, yet I’m already overcome with Monkey Mind. So much going on with school that there’s little time for anything else. How about some bullet points to keep the update coherent?

  • What I thought was just a cold a few weeks ago turned out to be a virus. Just when I had gotten over the cold-like symptoms, the second wave hit me. Dr. Google said I wasn’t still contagious, but my face was the most unnatural shade of reddish purple and my arms were very itchy. It was not great.
  • Tuesday was my first Stats exam and the humble Nicole feels like I got an A, maybe. The confident optimist Nicole is certain I got a full 100%. I don’t know which Nicole has triumphed, however, because I missed class on Thursday due to the plague. I emailed the professor hoping he’d have mercy on a sick soul and slide me my grade all secret-like, but he said no. Something about FUPA prohibition…
  • As I missed all of the fun at LGBTQS Global on campus this week (and last week, due to the cold that wasn’t really a cold) the group came to me Thursday night, risking life and limb to make sure I wasn’t left out. It was nice to have the house filled with laughter and silliness again. My friend Jackie even pulled a Ouija board out of her trunk and they all summoned demons and dead celebrities on my deck. Good times, good times.
  • My first speech for my Effective Speaking class is rapidly approaching. I chose Edgar Allan Poe (naturally) as my topic, specifically the common misconceptions regarding his personal life, as well as why we have such a warped view of such an already interesting man: Rufus Griswold. It’s a topic I know well, but that doesn’t stop the jitters from creeping in.
  • Last news regarding college life, I have decided to throw my hat into the ring for Student Government. With the aid of my campaign manager, Mr. Bahb Tooken, ESQ, I am running for the arts and science department’s Senate seat. Am I insane? Yes, we are.


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