Happy Spooky!

Is it seriously October already?! Sheesh, time is flying!

I’m going to come clean right out of the gate: I’ve been so busy with school that I have done exactly NO (0) writing. This isn’t for lack of trying, but in typical Nicole fashion, I have taken my overachiever status to an unholy level. In the last few weeks, I have joined two more clubs: Under the Covers (a book club) and Theater Club. Not to mention, I’ve been busy campaigning to anyone who will listen, introducing myself and shaking hands and kissing babies, for the Senate seat on Student Government. AND!!! By the end of the semester, I will be in Psi Beta Kappa, our Honors Society. (Yep, I joined the Honors Program before I joined the Society, but the important part is that I get there eventually.) So what is this, now? 5 groups I’ll be a part of, counting LGBTS Global? I’m a busy gal.


Also, for anyone left on the edge of their seat waiting to hear how I did on my Stats exam, I got a 99. Both humble and optimistic Nicoles shook hands and declared that a success.

And if I haven’t bragged enough yet about how I college good, I got this glorious comment from my Speech professor on my outline: “Just stop. Just stop it. Holy shit.  This is just brilliant.  YOU ARE GOING TO WIN [the speech competition].  I AM TELLING YOU NOW. What a brilliant writer you are.  I am teary-eyed. Not a joke. Seriously teary-eyed right now. The vividness – the rich description, the satire, the spunk in which you write is commendable.   Please tell me you will enter this into the competition?!?!?!” Humble Nicole blushed greatly, but Less-Than-Humble Nicole nodded and said “You’re damn right I will.”

Life around the house has been awesome, too. Last weekend my daughters had homecoming. Feast your eyeballs on these beauties:


The questions are always asked, so let me take a second to answer now. 1) No, they aren’t twins, 2) The taller girl is 2 years, 8 months younger than the less-tall girl, and 3) No, she isn’t always THAT tall; it’s the boots.

Yep, autumn is in full swing around here, and we’re jumping in with both feet. Which is impressive, considering it’s full-swinging. You know what, I’m just gonna shut up now. You guys have a great weekend. Happy Indigenous People’s Day, America.


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