Gently applying the brakes

If you’ve been keeping tabs on my Instagram, you’ll already know I have been busy. Somewhere along the lines, “take it easy this semester” became “DO ALL THE THINGS!” My agenda is hilarious in that it’s just a series of scribbles with room numbers and times scattered about, and any blank spots get filled in with washi tape just so I can’t schedule anything else.

This past week was the climax of the semester’s activities, and I had four different places I needed to be at nearly the same time tonight. I had a plan, though! I was going to make it! Well, my body said no. It seems I used up the last of my energy reserves last night during the semi-finals for the speech competition. I had enough to say my piece and go about my business, but things got a bit askew afterwards and I ended up flat-lining on the judges. My fingers are crossed that I am selected to make it to the final round, but if I’m not, I wouldn’t be surprised.

But those activities for tonight included two meetings, a senator, and carting my offspring to and from a play. I canceled all of my meetings, and when the girls got home, they decided not to go to the play. There’s just this general malaise hanging over the house, and I’m becoming increasingly antsy to usher in some fa-la-las. I think we all need a little Christmas. Just a bit longer!

This is typically the time of year when I enter a time of retrospection to decide where I want to go with the coming year. Once December hits, I’m no good for thinking clearly; my brain is full of candy canes and tinsel. So, since I’m notoriously against Small Pox Blanket Day Thanksgiving, on principle, I spend November looking inward, as well as backward, to take a look at my accomplishments and failures, my strengths and my weaknesses. I have completely kicked ass this year, and revolutionized what I believed to be true about myself. If anyone had question as to whether or not I am a beast, I’m sure they’ve been given enough information to pick a lane.

With the next couple of weeks, I’ll be wrapping up the semester. As per my honors contract, I have to teach one of my Effective Speaking classes, and give one more speech. Then I’m done with that class. I have two exams, a project, and a final left for Stats and then I’m finished there, as well. And, yous guys, I think I may get to keep my 4.0. All of the rest of the work I’m doing is essentially volunteer work in my various clubs and groups, so that’s it for Fall 2017! Which means…

Back to work on Uprooted! Gah, it has killed me to leave a work-in-progress in a drawer for all of this time, but as soon as winter break hits, I am all writer, all the time. I have missed this novel so much, and the idea of sitting in my leather chair in my office, watching snow fall out the windows, sipping coffee, and returning to my imaginary world sounds like pure heaven right now.

Just a few more hurdles to jump and I can finally exhale.

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