Force of Nature

…and now we exhale.

The semester that was to be my gentle return to college turned out to be the busiest, most amazing time in my life. I’ll come back later to write a more detailed recap of my last few months, but for now, let’s look forward.

With my academic responsibilities done, it’s time to return to my first love: writing. Starting this week, I’m back to working on my novel, Uprooted. My (extremely ambitious) goal is to complete the first draft before the next semester restarts in January. I’ve learned to redefine what I’m capable of accomplishing, so I feel like this will be a challenging enough way to spend the break so I’m not pacing around the house looking for something to study.

Early in the semester, I was irritated with the delay in writing my novel. I planned my schedule so that I’d have time to write every day, like a “good” writer “should”, but that went out the window fairly early on when I decided to join nearly every club that crossed my path, and run for a Senate seat in Student Government. Looking back, though, I can see there was something I needed to learn about myself before I could continue writing.

I’m happy to report that my Impostor Syndrome from a few months ago has melted away, and I’ve learned that I’m far more capable at doing dang near everything than I ever imagined. Those harshly critical voices from my past have melted away and are now replaced with the emphatic cheers of my new friends, family, teachers, and people who fit somewhere in between.

My dear friend, Jay, called me a “force of nature” and I finally believe it’s true. It’s time now to turn that power back to my writing career. Look out, world! I’m about to conjure up something great.

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