Pennies from Heaven

The first phone call on my new-not-cracked-beyond-belief phone was from my future boss. “Good news! You’re hired!” We chuckled because, hired or not, I was going to work this morning to give a presentation to the new students. I am, after all, the brand spankin’ new Special Projects Assistant to the Coordinator of Student Life!

Dressed in the closest thing I have to “business casual,” I headed in to campus today as an employee rather than a student. The halls were empty since the semester was over, but I still ran into my friend, Willie, who gave me a big hug of good luck before the presentation.

…which was meh. It was my first time giving the presentation after only watching it given once, so I was clearly not a seasoned professional. Still, I’m not going to be too hard on myself, as I now have a starting point to grow from.

I was happily surprised to learn, though, that I might even get an office. I’ll have to share it with the interns, but AN OFFICE MAYBE!!! It blows my mind that I started going to school here with the intention of just learning for learning’s sake. People would ask “What are you going to do with an Associate’s degree in English?” and the answer was “Nothing at all. Maybe take it to get a Bachelor’s across the street at Kent.” I never expected to end up with a job–certainly not a job where I do a whole bunch of stuff I love! Who would have ever guessed an unholy amount of organizational skills mixed with creative problem-solving would amount to something?!

As you can imagine, I’m excited. This presentation was the last thing we were doing in the fall semester, so after my first day, I’m on two weeks vacation for the holidays. Heh. So, holy crap, you guys. I’m a professional. With a name tag. And an office, maybe. I have to wear biz cazh clothes to a place I usually wear a t-shirt and jeans. Heck, I have to buy a blazer! But jeez louise, a job. A freakin’ job where a job didn’t previously exist simply because I was recognized for just being myself. I can’t wait to see where this new road leads.






P.S. I got Jay the best presents for Yule ever and I’m writing about it here because it will torture them to not know what it is, but also because it makes them really happy when I say “Jay” in my posts for some reason. You’re welcome and also hahahahaha, I’m evil. Nyeh.

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