Wild Blue Yonder

The news was delivered today that I’m not returning to Stark next semester. My boss took it well, saying she was disappointed but knew this was the right move for me. My scriptwriting professor/theater advisor/play producer told me in a deeply ominous tone that if I quit the theater, he would hate me forever.

I told him to take a number.

With such a sudden upheaval, I would typically be scrambling to get some sort of plan or even just traction. Just a few weeks ago, I was outlining what I was planning to do with my time from here out. The plan, it seems, is to do nothing. I have a few more months of this semester and I will be transferring to Kent State, but I don’t want to push anything further than that.

The vacant space where my studies, job, and extracurricular activities used to be is filled with daydreaming. Specifically, it’s the kind that I usually spend the summer doing on the deck, writing scenes in my mind and building the world that exists in my imagination. This, of course, means more writing is on the way. While I’m eager to get to work on my novel, I have other shorter pieces that are bubbling to the surface. There are revenges to take, romances to explore, and all of the other perks of being Goddess of your own world.

For the last few months, I have been working my ass off. I think I’ve earned some time to play.

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