Exit, Stage Left

I want to start by saying I love these people with all my heart.

IMG_1116This is my dear theater group,  Stark Stage. This month, they did something fairly miraculous by putting together an entire production in one semester. The show was Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller, and if you’re familiar, it’s NOT a show you’d ask beginners to perform. But that’s exactly what these guys did. Five of the people pictured had never acted before, and three of the ones who have acted were given their lines to learn in less than 2 days after a cast member had to step away. And my role in this whole play business? Well, I was the director! I can check that one off my bucket list.

I mentioned months ago that being a part of this club has rekindled my love of theater, and it has also landed Kyle in another play next month, as well as in line to audition for the play following that!

I’m going to take a second here to talk about Robert and Spiros, the fellas on either end of that troupe sandwich. I love them. That is all.

Yesterday, my boss and I said goodbye to our fabulous intern and it drove home for me that I have one week left of my job. I’m, of course, sad to go; I love this job! But I’m so excited for what’s coming next that I can’t frown for too long. I’m finally getting back to writing and I finally have writer friends who understand the struggle. (See previous paragraph.) I’ll finally have time to get back to maintaining my social media accounts as well as keeping up this blog. Perhaps I’m most excited, though, about finally having time to cook actual meals again. And have clean laundry. And fresh linens. And fluffy towels. And clean coffee mugs. And time to drink coffee. And read books. Yeah, I’m just happy to be back home again.

Plus, I have a highly exciting, super-secret project in the works. It’ll be a while before I can talk openly about that, but just know that I’m one of four people who are being brave enough to take a giant leap into the unknown.

So, get settled in, folks. I’m almost back to normal life after a crazy school year.

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