Surf’s up!

Whoooooooo!! In the free and clear of Stark State! While I definitely enjoyed my time there, there’s a huge relief that comes from not being on campus as a student or employee. I turned in my last assignment today, and am finishing out with an A, keeping my precious 4.0 intact. The plan to return to Kent State has been put off for a year, though, for two fantastic reasons:

  1. This is Robin’s Senior year, and I don’t want to be so wrapped up in my own work that I can’t be there to help her enjoy it to the fullest. To put it another way, I don’t want to tell her she can’t go to something fun because I need the car to get to and from school/work.
  2. Robin and Ginger have both been accepted to Stark State and will be taking classes on campus in the fall for both college and high school credit. I’m heckin’ proud of them, but trying to juggle their college courses as their mother, as well as my own as a student would melt my brain.

I’ve got fun stuff on deck, though, for this coming year. I have auditioned for the musical, Oliver!, at Theatre 8:15 along with two of my three favorite fellas. If everything goes well, the third favorite fella will be among the cast as well, or will at least turn up for rehearsal shenanigans from time to time.

And then, for my super-secret exciting news!!!

Those same fellas and myself have begun the process of putting on our OWN PRODUCTION of Barefoot in the Park next year! We will need to secure some funds, either through grants or fundraising, but I feel comfort in spilling the tea that I have been cast as Corie Bratter. Or perhaps her mother, depending on how weird it would be for two siblings to have to behave as if they’re falling in love. Either way, they’re both hilarious roles I would be over the moon to play.

And the name of our little production team? EABOS. It stands for “Eat a bag of shit,” which became our version of “Break a leg” during Death of a Salesman. Classy? No. Appropriate? No. Accurate representation? Absolutely.

One thing that Kyle and I have done a lot lately is marvel at how far we are from where we planned to be a year ago. It goes back to the musing of “dreaming big” when you can’t fathom how limited your viewpoint is. Being in one play was never even on my radar, let alone multiple roles, occasionally as the lead! I’m just glad that I wasn’t so attached to my trajectory that I wasn’t willing to shift to ride this new wave for a while.

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