Hey, girl. Hey.

Hey, we’re on a coffee date, me and you, and we’re gonna talk about a few things. Sound good?

So, you’ve already read that I auditioned for a musical, but let’s talk a bit about the story leading up to that audition, because it’s a fun one. After such an eventful beginning to 2018, I was adamant that I took a good break, free from obligations, for a while this summer to recoup before things revved up again this fall. I’m an introvert, you see, and I like having a lot of time to myself. The past five months have been a solid season of giving, on my part, and I know it’s okay to take for a while, too. Self-care is important, and I know that it makes me a better wife, mother, and friend when I’ve done what I need to do for myself.

When Kyle (my beloved husband) and Robert (You know Robert, right?) talked about auditioning for Oliver!, I smiled and supported them both, but stood my ground that I needed a break. “Maybe I’ll catch the next one you guys audition for.” The Sunday of the auditions, I was there to support my husband, my dear, dear friend (That would be Robert, FYI) and my daughter, Robin, who was also auditioning. You see, three of the four of my family members are theater folk, so it’s fun to do these things as a family, and even more fun when our family bestie is there.

Anyhoo, I didn’t audition Sunday, and, while everyone expressed disappointment, they respected I needed a break. My to-be-read pile is growing exponentially and if you look back through here (but you’ve done that, right?) I haven’t even had time to keep up my own blog or social presence.

The next round of auditions for the show was the following Tuesday. Kyle and I went to dinner, had a few sangaritas (Can I get an amen?) and all of my resolve went out the window. My somewhat-inebriated ass ended up at the theater, and signed myself up to audition. I figured “At best, I’ll get a short speaking role and that won’t be too taxing, right?” The only person who knew I had auditioned at all was Kyle, and I swore him to secrecy.

Lo, and behold! When the round of callbacks were, er, called back, I made the cut, so I went back to the theater on Wednesday with Kyle, who was also called back. I sat quietly while everyone jumped through the second round of hoops, before Kyle and Robert (also called back) were called to the stage for their respective hoops.

Finally, I heard “Let’s have our Nancy up here” from the director. I walked to the stage and smiled at Kyle (who knew exactly what was going on) and Robert (who had no idea what was going on) and I read my lines. When the questioning look crossed Robert’s face, I smiled again and said “Oh, by the way, I auditioned.” He then proceeded to tell me how much he hates me and to eat a bag of shit, as one does.

And then–hoo, boy, I still get goosebumps at this part–I was asked to sing. I mean, I sang for my first audition, but as with so many nights of karaoke, I had a bit of liquid courage. So, I sang for real this time, unaccompanied. When you finish singing and the directors are smiling and nodding, that’s a good sign. I turned to look at Kyle and Robert and had smiles all around. Yay! I did a good job!

Then I sat and waited like everyone else did. Yesterday morning I woke up to the news that I had been cast. As Nancy Sikes. And Kyle? He’s Nancy’s husband, Bill Sikes. And Robin is Bet, Nancy’s little sister, and Robert is Fagin, the Master Thief. If you’re familiar at all with the show, you’ll know that Robert and I are the leads. The only person with a greater role than us is Oliver, himself.

“Hold up, Nic. Did you say you ended up with the lead?” HECK YES!! Am I right? Holy crap! I have never in my life had such a big role in any show. I’ve always been Plant #3 or something, so this took me by surprise. All I can say is that I’m over the moon that I decided to audition after all, and somehow the need for a break has completely disappeared.

I can feel in my heart that we’re in for a fun summer. I’ve got two months of doing something completely amazing with some of my favorite people ever, and it’s gonna be a great learning experience. By going so far outside of my comfort zone, it’ll be a fantastic opportunity for growth, too.

I’m nearly out of coffee, so I’ll just say one last thing. Because this experience is so important to me, I am going to freely document what is going on around me. I’ve got my Facebook (although you probably know that already, right?) and my Instagram. Both will be unlocked and waiting for you to keep up with me. The thing about Instagram is that, in order to see my Story, you have to have an account and be logged in. Trust me, that’s where all the good stuff will be, so don’t miss it. And, of course, the stories behind the photos will all end up here.

So, pull up a chair. Enjoy your front-row seat of my life, the good, the bad, and the so-good-it’s-baaaaad. Get to know me and the people I love.

Welcome to the show.

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