Heh, I made all these grand declarations about returning to regular stay-at-home-person life and I’ll be the first to admit that shit isn’t happening. I have, no kidding, been having what feels like one gigantic party for the last month. I mentioned it was my turn to have some fun, and I’ve been doing exactly that.

This one time, we went canoeing in the Ohio Erie Canal and there were mother-flapjackin’ cows in the river! With their babies! Baby moos, y’all!

Look, I’m not here to talk about the river cows, I’m here to talk about how I’ve been a slacker. And boy-howdy, am I skilled at slacking! I know some of you are thinking “Here it comes, the next grand declaration of getting her shit together and then not!” and you’re right. That’s what this is. Damn my predictability.

One of the cool things about July is that it’s like a half-birthday to the year. Around here, we celebrate half-birthdays, and having a half-new-year seems like a good idea, too. All my fun things I had planned this January 1st have either all happened or completely fallen apart already, so I’m enjoying the idea of a mulligan.

What’s cool, though, is that the second half of 2018 is a blank slate for me. I have a couple things planned here and there, but for the most part, it’s just a wide open space for me to traverse at my whims. (Ya girl does love her some whims!)

I’m understandably excited about the infinite possibilities. Summer has been kind to me so far and I’m going to bottle this bliss to help get me through the long winter ahead.

Life is good.

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