Boob Week, Part 1


I rolled out of bed much later than was respectable on Sunday afternoon morning to take a trip to Cleveland with my dad and Kyle. It had been a while since we’d all had a brew at The Hofbrauhaus, so the plan was to visit our own little slice of Germany and polka our faces off.IMG_1773As they have a huge buffet every Sunday, it’s a great time to feed the troops. If you look closely at this picture, you can spot my men-folk getting a second round! And don’t be fooled by how empty and calm it looks right then. The band was on a break, so everyone was stocking back up on food and beer. As soon as the music started flowing again, people were back up and dancing on the tables, including our traditionally clad beer maidens, whose breasts barely fit in their shirts. Yeah, it’s that kind of place, but not that kind of place. IMG_1764As our fabulous driver ordered himself a much larger beer than seemed prudent, we needed to take a stroll before we began the trek home. Directly beside The Hofbrauhaus is this gorgeous gem.IMG_1775Just like it says on the tin, The Hermit Club is a private club for performing arts, and guess who was allowed to tour it? IMG_1774Just look at that glorious stage! I would be over the moon to have a chance to perform there.IMG_1771If the fireplace jumps out at you first in this picture, take a minute to appreciate the mural painted on the wall behind it. That wrapped around the entire theatre. IMG_1770


Our dear friend Kristen is in the last stretch of her time in Ohio. Her husband is a soldier stationed in Oklahoma, and it’s time for her to join him out west, so we met up at the best Southwest restaurant in town and sangarita’d our faces off!IMG_1788While I was accidentally flashing Kristen in the bathroom, Jay hijacked my phone and took the most ridiculously artsy pictures of our food. Can I just apologize in advance that I can’t take pictures this nice with my own dang phone?IMG_1781After an appropriate sobering period, we wandered to a field of grass and giggled there for an hour.



As we still weren’t ready to say goodbye to Kristen, we decided to have post-rehearsal drinkies at that same fabulous restaurant as the day before! I mean, we couldn’t let Kristen leave without having a sangarita with Kyle, right?


Lo and behold! It was also our favorite Greek Casanova’s birthday! We all piled into my car and took Spiros on his first ever strip club outing! It was a very classy establishment.IMG_1831Wait, no…IMG_1811Getting closer…IMG_1832There it is! Fancy! And, while we were all in awe of the strippers’ thigh strength, my favorite part of the evening was right here:IMG_1812And, you know, on the other side of me, but somehow we managed to get exactly no pictures of Kyle and Spiros. Given the venue, that may be better. All the boobies.


What do you MEAN that Kristen’s never been to The Gorge metro park?! She can’t leave Ohio without having seen The Gorge! Girl, get in the car, we’re going hiking! And you know what else? We’re doing it without bras because WE CAN MOTHER HECKERS!IMG_1817Ahhh, nature. Maybe should have checked the weather before we decided to go outside…


I have to say, I think it was a successful mission. Kristen seemed to really enjoy the scenery and, despite being half-dead most of the hike, Jay and I had a good time, too!

IMG_1828Why are there not more pictures of Jay? Because they were taking ALL the pictures!IMG_1827Can you spot Kristen?IMG_1823

To be continued…

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