Keep on keepin’ on

After nearly 20 years, a lifetime of new experiences and growth, ya girl Nicole is going back to square one. That’s right, kids, I am officially back at Kent State University.

The good news is that I am officially unaffiliated with Stark State. While I enjoyed my time at the school, I can’t begin to express my relief from not being a student. I loved the friends I made there, but it was always tough to be so much older than everyone I knew. My closest “peers” were actually all instructors and that left me in a weird limbo. The people who could relate to me weren’t allowed to relate to me. Plus, with my job, I wasn’t a student (except I was) and I wasn’t staff, either (except I was.) If I could sum up my Stark State experience, it would be that, no matter where I was, I wasn’t really there.

The bad news–are you sitting down for this? I left Stark with a 4.0 GPA. I’m walking back into Kent with… a 1.5. I did so poorly as a student my first time that I am automatically on academic probation AND I’m disqualified from any scholarships or financial aid. Pretty disheartening, no? My advisor told me that, after successfully completing 12 credit hours at Kent, my probation will lift and I will get all of my D’s and F’s expunged. Still, le sigh. There goes my beautiful 4.0. I don’t think it’s mathematically possible to qualify for anything Honors at Kent, so that effectively kills my dream of graduating with honors.

Let’s not leave on a sour note. How about some more good news? My new major is English, with a minor in Creative Writing, and I am set to graduate in two years, if I plow through full time. Honestly, I’m very tempted to start in the fall, just to get through, but I need to take the semester off. I’ll be starting in the spring, going as full-time as they’ll let me on academic probation, and I will be ducking my head and busting my way to my Bachelor’s. Two. Dang. Years. And then I’ll be moving on to get an MFA. That’s just wild.

So, I’m once again a Kent State Golden Flash. It was always my goal to slay this dragon from my past, and the first step into my future has been taken.

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