Fixer Upper

I just want to bring your attention to the picture above. That, my friends, is a luscious bed of green grass, strong and thick…and growing in my flower bed.

We’ve been a bit, well, distracted this year and our house has suffered. I think there’s more greenery growing on the north side of our house than there is in the entire front yard. My flower beds are so overgrown with weeds that my beloved blood red gladiolas didn’t even bloom this year because they were so suffocated. My roses–let me mention here in case you didn’t already know, roses are my favorite plants to garden ever, and if Kyle would let me, the entire house would be surrounded in roses–have been completely decimated by Japanese beetles. They were so bad that I finally had mercy yesterday and pruned them all back. I have found the adage, “You can’t kill a rose by pruning it” is true, but this is certainly pushing it.

The last few days, Kyle and I have been sitting on the porch, working up a game plan for how to reverse the neglect. When we bought the house nearly a decade ago, we were told by a neighbor we now owned “the jewel of the neighborhood.” That is definitely not applicable at the moment. We’re looking pretty rough, guys. I’m not going to lie.

And we’re just talking about the outside. We made a feeble attempt at renovating our first floor bathroom before finally stopping at replacing the tub with a shower. That means the tub cubby has been in some heckin’ rough shape for the last few months, while the rest of the bathroom looks fabulous. I mention this because there isn’t a room in the house this doesn’t apply to. [“…to which this doesn’t apply.” I see you judging my grammar.] We have renovation projects 80% completed all over the house simply because something else always comes up before we can get it finished. We knew we bought a fixer upper, and when you see the pictures of what we saw when we bought the house, it doesn’t even look like the same place. I will gladly give us credit that we’ve come very far. We just need to get back at it and finish the rest.

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