Oh, hush.

Starting off with a few before and after shots of my living room, and I’ll explain why later.


IMG_0001 (1)IMG_0002 (1)IMG_0003 (1)


IMG_0001 (2)IMG_0008 (1)IMG_0010 (1)

Ah, still looking for an explanation? I hoped the pictures would speak for themselves, but I understand not everyone is obsessed with all things fall, like we are. In our house, we’re creatures of comfort, and when we recognize it’s time to anchor in, our first steps are to cozy-up the house, and cook heartwarming foods. As I’m writing this, the Crock-Pot is full of simmering stew, and a Pumpkin Apple wax puck is melting in the melty-thingy. Add to this a chilly, rainy day, and it’s fall.

Yes, I own a calendar and yes, I understand how the solstices and equinoxes stand to mark the seasons. But I’m going to tell you that sometimes the calendar is just wrong. The Spirit of Fall arrives when it damn well pleases. You can fight it, pointing to the calendar and the position of the planet, or you can just accept that it’s fall and roll with it. Put some cinnamon in your coffee, friends, and embrace the hygge.

This year has been a thrill-ride every step of the way, and I’m happy to be slowing down and settling into the seasonal celebration of life. I can’t see the harm in starting the party a bit early.

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