Ooooh, have I got a dirty story to tell you! For the second time ever since buying it, Kyle and I just power-washed our house. It, uh, needed a bit of a bath, as evidenced by the above picture. While it was fun to remember that our house was blue and not gray, it’s a fairly tedious job. Lucky for me, I dig watching that sort of thing. It’s like watching someone mow the lawn. Something about the straight lines, the slow progression toward the end result, it’s all very zen for me. So I enjoyed standing by and watching the process, allowing my brain to just downshift for a while.

Of course, it wouldn’t be us if we didn’t find some way to work art into the work. While Kyle power-washed me a love note on the porch…IMG_2668…I took the more traditional route and power-washed a penis onto the side of the house. You think I’m kidding?IMG_2671This girl does not kid about Teh Peen. Kyle promptly power-washed it back off, though, in case one of the good people of the neighborhood drove down the road right then. (But not before adding a few touches of his own.)

The fact that we washed our house isn’t a big deal. People do it all the time; we…should do it more than we do. But the part that makes this story worth telling is that we’re sticking to our guns by taking care of our stuff. We finally cared enough about our home to put the effort in. When we were done, we were exhausted, but the pride to stand back and see our house returned to its former glory(ish) was worth it. We have a rocky relationship with this house, by no fault of the house’s, and to be able to work together to put this kind of mundane maintenance in is new for us. I mentioned a while back–heck, I think it was a year ago, now!–that Kyle’s job has kept us on our toes for years with the possibility of a forced move. Once we had official word that we were able to stay put, we resolved to get our house where we wanted it, rather than where it would be marketable. Heh, and then 2018 hit, and we were only in the house long enough each day to shower and sleep. But the roots, they’re finally beginning to take hold.

It felt good to do this work. I know how strange that must seem, but, well, we’re strange people. The feeling of accomplishment is a boost to get us moving towards the next house project, which will likely be knocking years worth of funk off something else! But the important part is that we, after a decade of being tempest tossed, are beginning to let ourselves come home.

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