Put some coffee on

It’s gross and humid out today, like summer refused to get the memo that tomorrow is Mabon, the fall equinox. Still, the forecast says the hot weather is shipping out overnight, leaving us with more appropriate late-September weather. Yeah, I said it. Late-September. It’s hard to believe we’ve got just over a week left of the month, but it’s true.

Despite the bright sunshine, we’ve spent the day putting the yard to bed for winter. The rest of 2018 is going to be a beast, so we’re definitely not procrastinating. Raking leaves in a snowstorm is not my idea of a good time. The last round of weeds have been pulled, plants have been cut back, and random bits and pieces have been securely stored in the garage. It feels good to have this work done, because it opens up even more space for my favorite kind of work.

As I mentioned, tomorrow is Mabon. This time last year, I wrote about this being the day my novel, Uprooted, begins, and I challenged myself to write the rough draft in real time, between Mabon and All Saints Day, when the novel ends. It was a bit ambitious, and I have no shame in saying that I failed miserably. Lessons were learned, though, and I can say with experience that the problem has been addressed. That means, folks, that I’m repeating my challenge from last year. Between now and November, I will be writing the entire first draft of Uprooted. Good or bad, for better or worse, I’m letting it all fly.

Between free-writing in my journal and creating little vignettes for practice, I feel confident that my brain is on the right track to put my butt in a chair and write. I have word goals set for each day, as well as little rewards through the month to look forward to. My office has been stocked with creature comforts, and my house has been turned back into my fall sanctuary that brings me so much joy this time of year. So, yes, I feel good about taking on such an ambitious endeavor this time around. I love this novel, and I love spending time with the characters Daveigh, Bryony, and Gretchen. I look forward to visiting my fictitious Boston Hills. I’m anxious to get settled into their lush forest to introduce them all to the magic they don’t yet know they possess.

I’m ready, guys. And I hope you are, too. Uprooted is on the way.

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