Years ago, our family went to our friends’ house to show off our newborn daughter, Ginger. She was only a few weeks old, and she slept the entire time we were there. Our friends were…strange. They were very fundamentally Christian and after listening to them threaten their daughters with wooden spoons, I was anxious to tune out until it was time to go home.

Thankfully, they had an adorable kitten that was keen on playing with me. She couldn’t have been more than six months old, if that. Her kitten face gave way to a cat face, but she was just the tiniest thing. I remarked that she was the most gorgeous cat I had ever seen and was met with an unexpected reply.

“She’s yours if you want her.”

Then the story came out that they got her from people who got her from people who didn’t want her anymore when they didn’t want her anymore. Did you follow that? This young cat was on her third family that no longer wanted her. Of course, my first thought was “Why?”

Then my second thought was “I don’t care why, put her in my car. We’re going home.” And that’s exactly what we did. Miss Biscotti Lucille has been a constant joy in our lives ever since.

Sadly, the time has come for Sketti, as she has been lovingly called for many years, to travel over the Rainbow Bridge. She’s old and her body is failing her. While it’s hard for us to reconcile her broken body with the spirited ninja who will fist-fight you for a Cheeto, we recognize the time is almost over and the most merciful thing we can to is ease her suffering.

I hope we’ve done enough to love and appreciate her over these years to make up for her rough start. She had a loving family and a whole slew of other fluffy siblings to grow old with.  She never had another day in her life of being unloved or unwanted. Sketti will always be our princess.

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