Ain’t that some shit?

My sister told me I made her cry in a crowded bar with my last post, and that’s no bueno, Emilio, so how about some good news to cheer us up?

  • Mathew. Is coming home. THIS IS NOT A DRILL YOU GUYS!!!! My goodest buddy Mat is coming home from Utah for a visit and I can’t even begin to tell you how much I need this right now. A hug from my buddy is exactly what I need and so help me god if Butler keeps him too long in NJ and he doesn’t make it to see me I will riot my way across the country. If you could see the wild, haunted look in my eyes right now, you’d know I’m not even messing around. Also, he’s recording a podcast here. With me. So, everyone gets to share in my Mat love straight into your ear holes.
  • Uprooted is coming along. I wrote an important scene last week, and woke up a few nights later in a cold sweat with a much better idea. So, without editing prematurely, I need to go back and fix what I did. I’m excited, though, and I think this shift is going to set up some very fun twists down the road.
  • I’ve fallen down a music rabbit hole, and it’s lovely. I love how, no matter what I’m feeling, someone else has already felt it and set it to music for me. A little bit of NIN, a little bit of Robbie Williams, and a tiny splash of Elbow. I have a sudden urge to go rollerskating, but also to bring a tarp.
  • The basement is finally done, and our gym has been returned to working order. That means a joyous return to exercise is imminent. I have missed running and lifting so dang much. Filling that gaping hole in my life with beer was fun for a while, but I’ve got an awful lot to live for and I should probably put my body back in place. It’s my understanding that being dead severely hampers one’s efforts towards goals. Unless your goal is to push up daisies. I do like some daisies, but I like my pulse more.
  • And in my final bit of good news, if you read my last post about our beloved cat, Sketti, you’re aware that she’s in rough shape. Tonight we had to make an emergency vet visit, as she decided it was totally a great time to start bleeding profusely from an open wound in her leg. I’m going to make a long story short and just tell you that, two emergency veterinarian hospitals later, we finally had a whole host of diagnoses for our Miss Sketti, including diabetes, pancreatitis, an enlarged heart, dehydration, extreme abdominal bloating, and some sort of whatsit in her stomach that shouldn’t have been there. Oh! And pneumonia. Still, the ol’ girl curled up on my chest with her paws on my shoulder and her face nuzzled into my neck, purring away, and there was no way I wasn’t going to fight for her. Her treatment starts immediately and she’ll be at the animal hospital for three days getting her blood sugar under control and having her body pumped with antibiotics. Then, yours truly will be giving her highness insulin shots twice a day to keep her going. This is, of course, assuming this Hail Mary works. We had to try.

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