Participation Trophy


I’m sure it comes as a surprise to exactly no one that I have signed up for this year’s NaNoWriMo. I am beyond ready to be done with the rough draft for Uprooted, and the best way I know to just chuck it out of my head and onto the paper is with reckless abandon. If I don’t give myself this sort of built-in goal with the support of hundreds of thousands of writers around the globe, I’m afraid I’m going to keep putting other things in front of my writing career. Like school. Or theater. Or sleep.

This NaNo comes with one, and ONLY one emergency exit. I’m following a lead on a job that would make me a very happy girl, but for fear of jinxing it, I’m not saying where. Nope, not even to you, so don’t ask. If I get this job, I will be backing my daily word goal from 1,667 to 1,000, and allowing myself to include December.

Even then, the only thing making the job more important than the writing is that it’s looking like Kent isn’t going to reinstate my financial aid due to my ridiculously low GPA. That means I’ll be paying for 12 credit hours worth of classes out of pocket before they’ll let me apply for academic forgiveness. Thus, I need a job.

For now, though, I’m allowing myself to bask in the excitement of the first week of NaNo. I’ve set up rewards for myself throughout the month, according to word goals, to help keep me motivated. In the past, my rewards have been things like “10k words: Peppermint bark!” but I’m raising the stakes this year. All my rewards happen at my favorite spa. Now, if that doesn’t motivate me, nothing will.

I took this semester off from school for several reasons, one of which being the need to get this first draft written. I so want to be done with this stage of writing and moving on to the polishing. Before classes start again in January, I want to know I did everything I could to meet that goal. That means taking this month and cloistering myself in my office, churning this bad boy out.

One thought on “Participation Trophy

  1. I hope your Nano mission goes well! I love basking in everyone else’s excitement for the month of November even though I’m not Nano-ing this time around. Also, best of luck and all the good vibes for the mystery job 🙂


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