Stinky Claus

Can we take a minute to talk candidly about NaNoWriMo?


The best laid plans of mice and writers, amirite? It was a noble pursuit, but I care too much about this story to just barf out whatever for word count purposes. I am probably the least competitive person on the planet, unless I’m competing with myself, so I really thought this would be a good move for my novel. Instead, I’ve let just about everything else I’m responsible for go to hell.

If you could smell my house right now, you’d know I’m not exaggerating, and you’d probably be begging me to stop writing and mop a floor or two. Of course, my office is immaculate, and cozy, and smells like a crisp, early morning walk through a pine forest. That’s because I’ve basically lived in here for the last week. Everywhere else smells like Johnny Depp looks.

I took stock of the house yesterday and was not pleased with what I saw. Yes, there are four fully capable people with thumbs living in this house, but it was long ago agreed that anyone NOT bringing in money or grades was responsible for the house. I’m what we affectionately dubbed “The House Bitch.” Because my novel is neither bringing in money or grades, my first responsibility as a member of the Thomas Clan is to make the house not stinky.


Rather than beat myself up for losing NaNo (to myself…) I need to figure out a better way to go about this. Some day I will figure out work/life/writing balance, but today does not seem to be that day. Tomorrow’s not looking good, either.

Thanks to some freaky-ass nor’easter or some shit, we have snow. Look, I have been able to wear shorts and t-shirts on Christmas morning for several years, now, and suddenly the weather decides we need some actual seasonally appropriate behavior. Y’all, I was not ready. I walked out of the house yesterday morning and got a snoot-full of snowy air. It was all over. Winter came at me, bro.

What is one to do when it snows mid-November? You put on some Christmas music and you decorate your house, that’s what! I typically do a house tour of the decor changes on my Instagram, but this year, I’m just going to roll out pictures slowly. If peeking at my cottage homestead is your jam, make sure you stop by regularly. I promise the pictures aren’t scratch and sniff.

Reading Nook!

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