May your days be merry and bright!

Hello, friends!

It is with much excitement that I am announcing a year-end social media hiatus. I’m excited because, well, I’m revamping everything throughout the month of December. New blog look, complete with custom artwork from my favorite artist ever (!!!), a newsletter, a new vibe, and all the way around, a restored outlook on life.

I have been wayward for too long, and with the arrival of my last year in my 30s (!!!) I want to make sure I spend my time setting up the life I want to live. I’ve been a bit tempest-tossed the last few years, but all of this has been setting me up to move confidently in the direction I want. I’ve learned lessons about myself and the world, and it’s time to put those into action.

I could, of course, just do all of that and keep everything running, but I want to focus on myself, my family, and my dear friends during this holiday season. To avoid overloading my plate, conversations with the general populace are…paused.

I’ll meet you back in the Ether-sphere on January 1st, when I roll out everything I’ll be working on this coming month. It’s going to be good. Now, go enjoy this holiday season with your loved ones. Hug your pets for me and tell them I love them.

I’ll be right back.

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