Gather, Gather

Welcome! It sure looks a lot different around here, but sometimes the best thing for your spirit is to just burn everything down and start over, right? To help me with this reboot of, I called in my favorite experts at everything. The gorgeous artwork featured in the header is done by my daughter, Ginger. My “About” biography was beautifully crafted by my daughter, Robin. And the new author’s photo (forthcoming!) is courtesy of my husband, Kyle. Yeah, it’s a family project around these parts, and I’m thankful to everyone for helping me set this in the right direction.

“And what direction would that be, Nicole?”

How kind of you to ask! Along with a new look, we have a bit of a new focus. I will be reaching out to some of my favorite creators and talking about the tight-rope walk that is creative living. I’ll be interviewing writers, artists, podcasters, and more throughout the coming months, as well as reviewing all sorts of random products that cross my path. And, as always, I’ll be musing about my own life’s lessons as the Universe sees fit to toss them my way.

That’s just the beginning, guys. There’s a monthly newsletter that I’m putting the finishing touches on, with each edition being sent out on the 24th of every month. There will be links to fun stuff I found on the internet, jokes, shenanigans, and whatever else I can cram into a newsletter without causing too much trouble. You can sign up HERE to have it delivered to your inbox.

Yeah, there’s going to be more over time, so the only way you can see what’s happening here at is to keep stopping back. Fun stuff is on the horizon and I can’t wait to share it all with you.

4 thoughts on “Gather, Gather

    1. I love you, buddy! I wish you knew how much YOU inspire me to be better. I gave up on school entirely until you went back, and your passion for your podcast empire inspires me to stay devoted to my writing empire.


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