January goals

With the announcement of my 2019 goals, it only makes sense to break these things down into monthly goals, right? Let’s get right to it.

  • Write 4 short stories – Oooh, this one is intimidating, but I’m excited to jump in and get started. There are absolutely no other qualifications aside from “short story.” It could be micro-fiction (which is considerably harder to write than seems logical), creative nonfiction, or even just a small biographical piece, depending on what’s on my mind that week.
  • Build a weekly schedule – Schedule building comes easily to me, so this one isn’t terribly difficult. What will require effort, though, is adjusting as the month goes by according to what works and what doesn’t. All schedules are prone to flux, and mine need to be very flexible.
  • 30 days of yoga – I’ve been slothy for so long, my body has forgotten how to move. Kind of embarrassing for someone who was once a personal trainer. Rather than jump back to crazy workouts and burn myself out, I’m starting off “condescendingly slow” with a yoga series on YouTube.
  • Edit Uprooted – There’s a whole separate blog post on this on the way, but the short version is, against conventional writerly wisdom, I want to go over the work I’ve done for the novel with a red pen.

That’s not too bad, right? Totally manageable. Add to it that I start back at college this month, and I’m looking at a fun January!

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