Smells like flowers and hippies

As folks who love mail, we’re also folks who love a fun subscription box. Over the years, I’ve been subscribed to surprise mail shipments from all sorts of different companies, such as Birch Box and Owlcrate. After a while, though, there’s always something in the quality that makes me unsubscribe and take my address elsewhere.

Lately, though, it has been Kyle who has been racking up the mailing mileage. He joined a company called Bespoke Post, which is slightly different in that, well, it’s not a surprise. In fact, you can choose which box you want sent to you, which has done a good job of averting those months of dud boxes. If you’re into subscriptions, you know what I’m talking about. They can’t all be winners, but Bespoke Post has been reliable over the months. The only downside I could see was that it was specifically geared towards men. I don’t have a lot of use for beard wash, surprisingly, so there hasn’t been much about Bespoke Post that has caught my attention. Until now!

Bespoke Post has rolled out a few ladies’ boxes to choose from, which are quite honestly unisex, while still useful as heck. Kyle was sweet enough to pick up a box for me, Soothe, and I thought it might be nice to share what was inside! The box is sold out now, but you can still get most of the individual products from their companies!

  • Wild Rose Clay Mask (From Molly With Love, $26) – Robin and I gave this a shot a few weeks ago, and I loved it! I mixed one tablespoon of powder with one tablespoon of water, and let it dry on my face. After rinsing it off, I was amazed by how much of a difference just one application made. My skin was soft and all that, but what really made an impact for me was how even my skin tone was. As an, ahem, strawberry brunette, I have a tendency to have red splotches on my pale skin. This mask gave me a really great glow for a few hours afterwards. I’m very impressed. This jar will last a very long time, even with frequent usage.
  • Sugar Scrub (Handmade La Conner, $10) – Ah, who doesn’t love a good sugar scrub, am I right? A bit on your knees, a bit on your elbows, and voila! You’re smooth like satin! As for this particular scrub, it was well worth the $10 price, but nothing about it stood out to me as exceptional to be worth more. You could easily toss some salt in a body wash and get the same effect.
  • Gem & Honey Infused Bath Salt (Wild Honey Apothecary, $5 each) – My scents were called Dream Catcher and Wanderlust, but I knew right away what they’d smell like–hippies. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some hippies, and our olfactory system is tightly wound around our memories. When I smell incense, I think of hippies. It’s a very comforting smell to me. These bath salts were the first items from the box I used, and I was so, so ready to immerse myself in the 60s. Unfortunately, as soon as the salts hit the water, the smell disappeared. I literally laid in the tub sniffing the packaging trying to keeps the vibe going.
  • Rare Oil Treatment (Marula Oil, $41) – Now, I need to be clear that I have lots of hair. It’s thick, curly, and drier than a mummy’s armpit, so I was very excited to see this product. The smell is a bit more floral than I’d like, but I have to admit that it does what I hoped it would. The downside is the price, when you consider that I need to use five or six DROPPERS full of oil to get my whole head, whereas the instructions suggest 6 drops. With the speed I’m going to blow through this oil, the price is well out of balance. If you don’t have an entire colony of yaks living on your scalp, I highly recommend this.
  • Night Floral notebook (Paper Raven Co., $10) – I’ve been using this journal for a while now, and it’s…a journal. The cover is very pretty and it fits perfectly in my purse without being too bulky. The website has some other pretty options, too.
  • Rose gold pen – I don’t see a company, but it’s a snazzy little pen. Very sleek, smooth.
  • (NOT PICTURED) Gardenia & Peony candle (Clark & Dumbo, $32 or $220) – I smelled this candle before I even had the box all the way open. It was a pleasant scent, but unfortunately I get migraines from floral candles. I gave it to Robin with the instructions she was to take it to her room immediately and never, ever burn it. In researching the candle, I learned that they don’t sell products online, but do sell stuff on Facebook, which is evidently NOT online? And not the candle I have… Look, I don’t know what’s going on here. I gave up looking when I found a site in Hong Kong selling a similar candle for $220. Clearly, no one knows what’s going on. Best to just keep moving.

That’s quite a lot to get in a subscription box. If I bought all of the products individually, I would have spent $129, but through Bespoke Post, Kyle picked everything up for $45 plus shipping.

Yuh. I’m a fan. Let me know if you check them out!

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