Oh, Jeorphy Sturr, noooo

The last quarter of the year brought us expenditures we didn’t account for in our budget. For example, after several days in the hospital, our elderly kitty, Biscotti, was diagnosed with diabetes and pancreatitis. On top of that astronomical emergency vet bill, we also had the added bill of a special food for her, as well as her insulin and needles. All of this attempt to save her life was not to be, however, and late November, we had our beloved Sketti put to rest.

While that could be considered (obviously) a negative thing, we did have some positive surprise expenditures, like when a Jeep Liberty fell in our laps for a steal on Thanksgiving. Clearly we hadn’t budgeted for it, but with winter on the horizon, an alternative vehicle to drive than my Camaro was just the right thing to do.

Knowing we were spending thousands of dollars we hadn’t expected–but needed–to, we asked Robin and Ginger that if there was just one thing under the tree for them this year, what would it be? Lawd, these children…

Both wanted palettes from Jeffree Star. So, naturally, I went straight for Jeffree Star Cosmetics (JSC) website, and loaded up my cart with everything I could get for them, while I knew I could. Sadly, the Blood Sugar palette Ginger wanted was sold out, but I was able to buy it on Beautylish.com for her, instead. Voila, Christmas was sorted for the kids, and anything else we picked up for them would just be icing on the sparkly cake. That, it’s important to note, was December 4th. I paid a bit extra for the speedy shipping to avoid any holiday delays with the postal system, and exhaled.

Unfortunately, this story is just beginning. When 10 days had passed without a shipping notification, I started getting antsy. Through a little sleuthing, I learned that JSC was running a bit behind in orders. Every day, as the calendar moved closer to Christmas, I got a little more frustrated with the situation, but eventually resigned myself to not having Robin’s presents before Christmas. Watching others complain on Instagram about having their emails go unanswered, their complaints unaddressed, their packages undelivered, I chose to wait it out. Thankfully, Robin was just happy we got her what she wanted, so she was fine with the delay.

On December 27th, however, after the company was supposed to be back in office, I felt a little less patient. I understand being behind, but if you’re three weeks behind, it’s just good customer service to let people know. So, I dropped in a nicely worded poke-poke of an email and waited.

Almost immediately, I received this email. It wasn’t a reply, but rather an automated form response.

Cool, cool… That’s still something more than I had before. I can be patient another 2 days. Why not?

And then, at arse o’clock the next morning, the 28th, this text came in. Yay, right?! It’s good news? I clicked the link to get an idea of when the package would be delivered.

What the what? It was just shipped from California but was already in Canton, Ohio? Mother hecker, that was faster than seemed possible, so I pulled up the details.

Oh, Jefferson Starship, you cheeky bastard. The package had been sent two days earlier than I was notified, and one day before I finally got irritated enough to email customer service.

And then, as if to say he was really, really sorry, the make up was delivered on December 29th, two days ahead of schedule. If you are new to JSC, please know that the quality is unbeatable, which makes the price a lot easier to swallow. His liquid lipstick in Unicorn Blood is gospel. He has a cult following for very good reason. His products do exactly what he says they’ll do. AND!!! Everything is Vegan, never tested on animals.

Hey, check out my crappy collage I screen-grabbed from PicMonkey because I’m cheap.

The moral of the story here isn’t so much to be wary of ordering from Jeffree Star. I will buy his products again in a heartbeat…from Beautylish. Instead, let it be a lesson for others who are selling things: There are some very understanding people who are okay with mistakes and delays, if you just communicate with them about the situation. I don’t feel like I should have had to hunt JSC down to locate my package if they were having a shipping problem. Good customer service says they should have come to me as soon as they knew they couldn’t fulfill my order as sold. The lack of transparency does make me gun-shy to go straight through the company, and that’s never a good impression to leave on a first order.

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