Pixi Dust

Since the dawn of time (I suppose) women have been putting concoctions of goop on their faces in efforts to look younger, combat wrinkles, kill slugs, and shrink pores. The only thing that has been guaranteed throughout the ages is that, well, none of it works. This is, of course, evidenced by the ridiculous amount of miracle creams and scrubs that clutter the counters of so many women’s bathroom sinks.

I’ll level with you, folks. I’m lazy. I’ve never been a part of that whole “it puts the lotion on its skin” frenzy, and I don’t think I’ve suffered too much for it. Washing my face with ye olde washcloth and very warm water has always been enough to keep my skin relatively under control. One time I was given a sample of some kind of Clinique potion as a moisturizer, and that was heckin’ cool, but they changed the formula (see previous paragraph) and now it just makes me look like the Exxon-Valdez spill.

For years, though, the Pixi line has caught my attention at Target. I’m not going to sugar-coat it; I just liked the packaging. It’s very aesthetically pleasing and it made me want to buy it. I never did, though, because I can’t justify spending $18 on a face wash that’s just as likely to cause my face to melt off as it is to clean it. Last year I stumbled across a sample pack, with little travel sizes of three products. See, I could justify $20 on giving it a shot. It’s not like there was much going to waste if it didn’t work.

Lo, and behold, friends. It worked so well that this gal is a Pixi convert. Early on in the trial period, I was so amazed with how well it worked that I actually ran around telling people to smell my face. (“I smell like hippies!” There are witnesses.) Let me break down for you my experiences with some of their products.

  • Glow Mud Cleanser ($18) – Of course, I started with the cleanser. There’s no sense in putting a mask or toner on dirty skin. I was concerned that by not having any grit to exfoliate with, I would end up with layers of dead skin flaking off throughout the day (ew.) but I have been so impressed by the way this gentle cleanser leaves my skin visibly renewed after each wash.
  • Glow Tonic ($15) – I’ve never been a fan of astringents. I always end up dried out, and the sting is not my idea of a great way to start the day. Thankfully, there’s no alcohol in this toner, so all you have is a just what it says on the bottle–a gorgeous, healthy glow.
  • Rose Flash Balm ($24) – It’s a tiny bottle, but I use much less than a dime-size, twice a day and I’m still on my first bottle. This little moisturizer is one heck of a hydrator without all of the breakouts or greasy mid-days that come with being overly “hydrated.” After applying, my skin immediately plumps and the tone evens.
  • Glow Mud Mask ($22) – SOOOOOOFT! The word here you want to focus on is soft. The mud mask is your standard “clean out the impurities” type, but my goodness does my skin feel baby-butt soft and smooth following a treatment. This is the longest step in the skin-care routine, but twice a week before bedtime is enough to keep the results going.
  • Peel & Polish ($24) – THIS! This is the Piece of Resistance! Touted as an at-home chemical peel, I notice a very distinct difference after each and every time I use this. Just put it on your face and rinse it off two minutes later! My face is always bright and lovely following, and blackheads are gone gone gone.
  • Hydrating Milky Serum ($24) – My daughters were both having issues with dry skin earlier in the winter. I handed them my bottle of serum and said “Just try it.” A week later, both girls were wide-eyed, describing how their skin was not only moisturized but (noting a theme here?) glowing and smooth. “It’s a gift from the gods,” was Robin’s expert opinion, and I have to agree. When you need a little boost during the dry season, this bottle of whats-it is tops. Gentle, light-weight hydration without the oil slick, pore-clogging nastiness.
  • 24k Eye Elixir ($22) – So this fun little do-dad is supposed to un-puff the under-eye and combat wrinkles. I picked it up on a whim and honestly can’t see any difference between now and before I started using it. I won’t be buying it again when this one runs out. Sad, but true.

There you have it, guys! I’ve tried some of their make-up, too, but I don’t have much of an opinion on it, favorable or otherwise. Their skincare products, though, have been a life-changer. A little of each product goes a long, long way, which is good for us because now Kyle and the girls use various Pixi products, too. If you’re mentally tallying up the cost of all of these different creams, masks, and serums, just remember that a little goes a long way. This stuff actually does what it says its going to do, and that’s so nice to see in a product!

Still skeptical? Have I got a surprise for you! It’s time for my FIRST EVER GIVEAWAY!! I have secured mini sizes of the Glow Mud Cleanser, Glow Tonic, and the Glow Mud mask and I want to send these out to one lucky winner.* And I’m going to keep it simple this time around. In order to be entered in the giveaway, you just have to sign up for my newsletter before 8 AM, Thursday, January 31st! The winner will be announced in February’s newsletter. Yay! Now go sign up!

*Y’all, I need to keep this giveaway the United States only. The nightmare of trying to send this stuff across the pond is just more of a hassle than I can manage right now, but I promise I’ll have another giveaway this summer that I’ll open up to the whole wide world. Thank you for understanding.

**It’s also worth noting that I am not being paid to write this post, and I literally shelled out my own money for every product mentioned here. But, I mean, if Pixi would like to make me an ambassador or something and send me some products to try out, my email is in the contact information. Heh.

3 thoughts on “Pixi Dust

  1. Oooo thank you for sharing this! I’ve been umming and ahhing over getting my cleaning regime transferred to Pixi but wasn’t sure on how good it all was, but thank you for this insightful and very helpful review! x


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