The Shift, part 2

In 2009, we bought our first house. After years of living in apartments, base housing, and even a trailer at one point, the decision was made to settle the family down. Kyle had a good job coming out of the Marine Corps, and we felt that putting down roots would be best for the family.

This job, however, had a different plan for us and we spent the first eight or so years of living here on the edge of our seats. At any moment, they could make the choice to move Kyle to a different city (or state) and we would have no choice but to pick up and move. We were no stranger to this lifestyle, but we got out of the military because we were done with the constant upheaval.

Finally, the day came when the FAA chose to move us, but Kyle was able to successfully bid to stay here. We could finally exhale and allow ourselves to let the house we bought become a home.

Last summer, I put the finishing touches on claiming this space for our family. We named our house Quill Cottage. Perhaps that’s a pretentious move, but it has been a good house that deserves a title befitting of its charm.

Over the years, we’ve done superficial renovations to Quill Cottage to help make it a place we enjoy living in. Painting here, replacing things there, but never making massive structural changes or even large purchases that will upgrade the house, like new windows or siding.

Now that we’re able to set roots, we’re beginning to shift our thinking from “Just another rental,” to “We own this toilet.” It’s a strange delineation but it’s causing us to look at everything in a new way: This is mine, and I want to take care of it.

To be continued…

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