A Warm Welcome

For the last few weeks, we’ve had a weird recurring weather pattern. On Wednesday, we would get dumped on with snow and ice as the temperatures dipped into the teens. Thursday through Saturday, we would close the curtains and barricade everything, relying on hygge to get us through without the sun. Then, Sunday would finally be the day we’d thaw out, with the snow and ice melting in 40 degree temperatures, and the sun would shine brightly, warming us down to the bone.

The pattern was broken yesterday by a long day of pouring rain, which came on the winds of a warm front. “Warm” would be the keyword here, as we had temperatures that hovered around 50, warm wind, warm rain water. After winter, it felt nearly tropical to have that kind of warmth.

Naturally, I had to be outside in it. I gathered up my trusty Van Gogh umbrella and went splashing about the flooded yard and woods. It was so beautiful out, I pulled out my phone and began recording various parts of the yard during the storm, including a pair of deer running through.

After such a fantastic walk, I was inspired to create in a way I haven’t been for months. I uploaded the video clips and edited them into a video that has become the intro to my new YouTube channel that will be centered around our life in Quill Cottage.

I’ve been waiting for this moment since December. The transition from winter to spring is beginning, and the earth is beginning to wake up. It’s time for us, as denizens of the earth, to follow the flow and start stretching, readying ourselves to step back into our place in nature. We’ve spent winter dreaming. Now we bring our dreams into reality.

Welcome to Quill Cottage.

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