Feathering the Nest

What strange times we’re in. Some folks can’t wait for things to go back to the way they were before Covid-19 and others hope this is a catalyst for worldwide change. As for us, I’d like to live in a world where I can go out without being required to wear a mask. But I can’t complain about living in a world that is kinder and more focused on smaller communities. I have never felt more cared for by the people on my block and I hope I’m doing my part to let them know they’re all cared for, too.

As far as keeping busy goes, we’ve done a stellar job at that. We’ve finished the raised garden beds, built a compost bin, assembled and set up a rain barrel (that has already been filled and emptied twice!), and processed enough cut wood for two households worth of firewood through November. We have built shelves, cleaned, rearranged, daydreamed, and demolished in our home and it feels wonderful to finally feel like we actually own Quill Cottage.

The weather has turned cold again, after some lovely days in the upper 60s, and with the work that would keep us warmest done, we’re focusing back indoors for a week or so. We finally bit the bullet and began renovations on our kitchen, knowing it’s going to fling the door open to some seriously expensive purchases down the road in the form of hardwood floors throughout the entire first floor. Oof. I’m not looking forward to that price tag, but the flooring we have has to go in order to successfully make the changes.

Another major purchase in our not-so-near future is a wood burning stove. Not only would it help heat the house in the winter, but it would up the hygge factor in the house, helping us get through the winter blues we all seem to suffer through.

Although, if this quarantine/isolation/stay-at-home business continues through summer, I have a feeling this winter will be packed with people everywhere, just happy to be outside.

When we finally give ourselves breaks, we’ve been all working on our own individual hobbies. We have resurrected Wii Sports Resort, which has been a source of nostalgic fun, but I have been trying to keep my brain moving by reading, studying German, and editing videos. I used to be fairly snappy with Photoshop back in the day, and I’ve found that learning the bells and whistles of Davinci Resolve is helping scratch that creative itch. Nothing makes me happier while making videos than finding just the perfect song to go alongside my clips. Spending the time strolling along the halls of Bandcamp’s Creative Commons tag has opened my ears to some really cool music.

In fact, for Kyle’s vacation at the end of March, we documented some of the progress happening here in the form of quarantine videos. While the editing was mine, Kyle was the DJ for the second video of the two, and that rekindled his love of editing, as well. So now we just make videos whenever we feel like it, and upload them to YouTube. It’s a nice diversion from the stress of the world’s trauma for a while, but also helps us feel a little less alone in our little speck of the globe.

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