To market, to market

It’s official-ish. My book, Ghost Stories for the Brokenhearted, will be published on September 1st, 2020. That’s a whole month sooner than I originally planned but, hey, I was excited. I got all of the work done sooner. The e-book is available now for pre-order at the incredible low price of $2.99, and the softcover will be ready to purchase on or very close to that September 1st date for a reasonable $5.99.

With the last story >>thisclose<< to being finished, it’s time I turn my attention to marketing. I know, I shuddered, too. As an introvert, waving the thing I made in the faces of friends, family, and fstrangers, begging them to buy it, sounds like pure hell. Like, I told you once I wrote a book. From there out, it’s on you, man.

But that’s not how this crazy thing works. I have to build hype and get seen and make a newsletter and host gladiator-style fights to the death.

Oh man. I also need to figure out what to write when someone asks me to sign the book. I have to do more than just put my name in it, right? Like “Keep on truckin'” or something inspirational like that. Sheesh. Is it getting warm in here to anyone else? Can we open a window?

Marketing means planning, and planning I can do in my sleep. I can build a schedule and make lists like a pro. It’s the follow-through that gets me because, as we’ve covered before in this blog, I’m a belligerent jerk and when I don’t wanna, I don’t do-a. One day of not feeling all that social can turn into weeks of not talking to people, in general, and that’s no bueno when it comes to trying to get books in front of readers.

Oh man. I need to order author copies so I can start going to local bookstores and seeing if they’ll sell them. That’s…that’s more talking to people. That’s asking people for help. Seriously, is the air conditioner working? I’m breaking out in a sweat over here.

The thing is, people who are in your face trying to get you to buy things are annoying. I don’t want to be that person. I don’t want to annoy you into blocking me because you’re completely tired of hearing me talk about my book for the mumillionty-eth time. But, like, I need people to also understand that, while you may be thinking “Hey, did you hear Nicole wrote a freakin’ book? Did you hear? Because she definitely hasn’t been mentioning it constantly for the last month,” there is someone out there getting the news for the first time. And those people need to be filled in because they may really, really need to read what I’ve written for whatever reason in their lives.

Patience. Patience is what I’m asking for. I have a fantastic group of people supporting me through this terrifying and exhilarating endeavor, and I would never be able to do something so stupid without their belief that it isn’t stupid at all. (Seriously, I wonder about y’all sometimes…) I appreciate the people who have stuck with me all these years, supporting me as a writer, pushing me to see it through. And I would appreciate just a little bit of patience from everyone else as I blab to the world about this wee little book I wrote.

Let’s start here:

Every place I’ve gone to for advice on marketing has drilled into my head the importance of a newsletter. I tried that once and it was, well, it was not my favorite. I struggled to find something of substance to write that I didn’t already write here, so it felt invasive and redundant. Still, I owe it to myself to pull it together and do what the advice tells me to do.

So with much fanfare, I present to you *trumpets* a-my newsletter.


Y’all just click that little linky-poo, input your email address of choice, and eventually I will send you an email that tells you stuff you probably already know, but I’ll do my best to make it worth the two seconds it takes to open the email and scan for something new.

Okay, enough about that. Back to work for me. These stories don’t write themselves! Thanks for sticking with me through this madness.

4 thoughts on “To market, to market

  1. I can totally relate to this. I used to think that all I needed to succeed as a writer was to learn to write. I didn’t expect this whole other bunch of tasks that I don’t enjoy: marketing, building an online profile, designing. Anyway, wishing you all the best with your book!

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  2. Anyone who would block you for promoting your hard work is a person who deserves to be blocked anyway. Good riddance. I’m looking forward to reading the book!


    1. I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes marketing goes way over the top. There’s “I made dis” and then there’s “THERE IS NO SUN IN THE SKY THERE IS ONLY MY PRODUCT IT IS YOUR GOD NOW!!!” I’m aiming to fall somewhere in the middle of the two. 😉


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