BTS: Persephone Tries

The first story in my collection, Ghost Stories for the Brokenhearted, is titled “Persephone Tries.” I want to be honest that I am not a fan of that title, but I tried so many times to rename it and, well, Persephone said no. But let’s start at the beginning…

A few of the short stories in this collection started off as scripts. They were written (or started, at least) according to our assignments, which were to write a script in these genres: horror, comedy, romance, and… something else I can’t remember. Look, I’ll be the first to admit that I half-assed this class. Learning the formatting was the hardest part, and once I found a plug-in for Google Docs that did the formatting for me, it was a breeze.

Still, I got hung up on that romance script. I started writing one between a man and a woman, in the cheesiest of tropes, but with my own twist to it. I do not write romance. Blech. I’m an INTJ. Romance is gross and full of emotions and ew. Just ew.

When I hit the wall, I decided to take a break from that script and write myself through my own hang-ups with writing romance, in script form. When finished, I was proud of what I wrote and decided to hand that in to my professor instead of the romance script I had started earlier. I figured the worst he could do was hand it back and tell me to do it right, but he didn’t. I got an A.

I don’t have a lot of use for scripts but I didn’t want the work I did to just be shoved in a drawer. After some thinking, I decided the best way to keep these stories active was to re-write them as short stories. A little tinkering here and there to build a better story and voila! I had a format I could work with.

If you’re familiar with Persephone’s mythology, you’ll know Persephone has been through it, and goes through it again every dang winter. It was nice to show that little bit of struggle with heartbreak through her point of view.

Well, that’s the story behind “Persephone Tries.” Tomorrow, we’ll move on to the second story of the collection, “Vinyl.”

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