BTS: Forgotten God

If you’ve ever read anything I’ve written, you’ve probably read “Forgotten God,” for better or worse. It has been published twice in two different online literary magazines and when that happened, I was shoving those links everywhere. I’m happy to have been able to include it in Ghost Stories of the Brokenhearted as it explores the idea that perhaps you are the ghost. Would you know you were a ghost?

This is another case where the story behind the story is autobiographical. I legitimately did follow a man who looked like Osiris outside of an IHOP, and bugged him for a solid 10 minutes while he had his after-dinner cigarette. The story Osiris tells is the exact story I was told sitting on the sidewalk with a stranger.

If you know me at all, you know I don’t mind approaching people I don’t know and engaging them in conversation if I feel like they have a good story. My Osiris definitely did. Strange people I have come across have, also.

The rest of the story, though, is fiction. I’ve had many people read the story and then say something like “Oh, you don’t XYZ!” or “But you ABC!”

“Forgotten God” is written in first person but somehow people still see me, Nicole, as the narrator. I’ve never experienced that before, so, like the narrator, I tend to come out of discussions about that story with a bit of an identity crisis.

Who am I? Not the narrator.

Who is the narrator? I’ll never tell.

Stop back tomorrow when I’ll share the question that “The Tower” answers!

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