BTS: The Tower

I walked into my professor’s office one day and saw that his office mate had a deck of Trivial Pursuit cards on his desk.

“What’s with the cards?” I asked.

“Oh, XXXXX likes to study them,” the prof answered.

And that’s how “The Tower” was born.

Stephen King says his books are written to answer a question. “What happens if a car gets possessed?” and all that. “The Tower” (mine, not his) was written to answer this question:

What kind of person studies Trivial Pursuit cards? I mean, honestly.

I’ll readily admit that my initial reaction was “Well, that’s just sad.” But the longer I thought about the question, the clearer the picture became.

“The Tower” is a vignette more than a short story, but I included it in Ghost Stories for the Brokenhearted because, well, he’s a man who is definitely haunted.

Tomorrow we cover “Department of Wrong Turns,” the fifth story in my collection! Have you pre-ordered your ebook or are you holding out for the softcover?

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