BTS: Department of Wrong Turns

I wish I had some kind of glorious back story for this specific short, but the best I can offer is that this is pulled purely from the deepest recesses of my brain. I sat down to write with no plan in mind and just let words flow as they wanted.

Earlier versions of “DWT” were obviously pure madness. It took a long time for me to whittle down what was chaos from what was actual story, but I’m pleased with what was left.

Consider it: What if you made one small, seemingly insignificant “wrong” turn and it put you on a completely different path for your life? And what if that choice was one where you chose to do the “right” thing, unsuspecting that it was ultimately the very wrong thing?

What if you get a chance to make it right by doing it wrong? Would you take it?

Tomorrow is “Deep in the River,” my first–and maybe last–horror story. See you then! In the meantime, don’t forget to pre-order your ebook of Ghost Stories for the Brokenhearted. Just days away from release!

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