BTS: Deep in the River

I don’t watch scary movies. Sometimes slightly spooky commercials will give me nightmares. I think I am a strong candidate for being considered a scaredy cat. To be assigned to write a horror script, then, was far, far out of my wheelhouse.

“Deep in the River” also began as a script. I had no idea what I was doing and wrote most of it peeking out from between my own fingers to see the screen, but the few people who were able to read the script all said the same thing: That’s some creepy stuff, man.

I even creeped out Kyle, and that’s saying something.

The setting of the story is one of my favorites, though. I love Victorian spiritualism, so to write a seance was a lot of fun. I enjoyed putting my own silly style and sense of humor into the earlier parts, but I knew it would eventually have to get spooky.

Evidently it’s that dichotomy that helps make it horror. I got another A on that assignment and couldn’t wait to get it in short story form to include in Ghost Stories for the Brokenhearted. It may be my favorite story I’ve ever written, but don’t tell the others that.

The final BTS will be posted tomorrow, talking about the very cleverly named last story of the collection, “The End.”

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