BTS: The End

The final short story in Ghost Stories of the Brokenhearted is aptly titled “The End.” It may be a bit irreverent but the working title was “Cream” and when you read it, you’ll understand why that was completely inappropriate and also a bit hilarious.

Remember all the way back to my BTS: Persephone Tries, when I said that I originally started writing one romance script before I gave up and wrote “Persephone Tries” in protest? This was that story.

As I mentioned, romance is not my preferred genre. It’s just…icky. So in order to try to do the assignment properly, I tried to take an unorthodox approach by setting the story in a crematorium.

I had just finished reading an article which detailed an average day inside a crematorium and it was beyond fascinating for me. I have no problem admitting that I have a great reverence for death and dead bodies, so this sort of thing is second nature to me.

Cremation? I can do that. Romance? No can do, hoss.

When I realized I’d get credit for “Persephone Tries” I shelved “Cream” and put it out of my mind.

As I was editing Ghost Stories, though, Kyle said “You’re missing one. Where’s the one in the crematorium?”

When I realized I only had six short stories for the collection, and had a barely begun first draft at my finger tips, I decided to finish “Cream.” Seven is my favorite number so it seemed auspicious to put that last effort into the book.

I finished “Cream” in a week, deciding at the last second to change the title to something that was too perfect to pass up, and added it to the manuscript. Not only is “The End” the last short story in the book, but it’s the sister to the first story, perfectly book-ending the collection.

This concludes my week of Behind The Scenes! If any of these stories pique your interest, the e-book is available for pre-order and the softcover is available to purchase now. Just check out my author page on Amazon for all the links you need to find my works.

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