Well, that was fun! How about s’more?

With my new book, Ghost Stories for the Brokenhearted, out into the world, it’s time to turn my attention back to writing. I can’t very well let this be the only book I ever write, right? Right.

I have two projects in the works: Spellbound and The Moonlight Market.

Spellbound (FKA: Uprooted and Project Samhain) is the YA novel I’ve been working on for a few years that was inspired by my children. The blurb goes a little like this-

After waking up to a world of Sleepers, four teens to work together and save the world from the zombie apocalypse. Also, they’re suddenly all witches, whether they want to be or not. And there’s a ghost. Kinda.

-Me, an arther

So, that’s probably going to need a little work, but the good news is that I have time to polish my elevator pitch. I’m halfway through the rough draft and the characters are demanding I fix a few issues before they tell me the second half.

Look, if you thought writing was about creating stuff, you’re wrong. Writers are mediums. We just channel the stories of people who haven’t yet existed and bring them to life. It’s like an exorcism, but in reverse.

Spellbound, though. It’s my passion project. It has all the elements I love about stories without cramming them in sideways to fit. It’s said that we should write the books we want to read, and this is my gift to 15 year old me.

I’m also working on my next collection of short stories, The Moonlight Market. Shorts are where my heart is most happy, as I’m a sprinter, not a marathoner. In this collection, all stories either take place in, or are based from, a supernatural night market that takes place in the Black Forest of Germany. Thanks to the Brothers Grimm, this area is already a common day treasure trove, but I thought I’d add my own stories to the lore.

Like the two Hillbillies who stumble in, thinking it’s a moonshiners convention, and cross paths with a clan of vampires.

One is considerably more likely to be finished than the other, but I’ll leave you all to take bets on which that will be. In the meantime, I have to get back to work. These last few months of dipping my toe into the publishing world have been fun, but my imaginary friends are calling me.

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