Adjusting My Trajectory

I promised myself I wouldn’t have every post I make here be some rambling reiteration of “Life is so good, y’all.” But life is so good, y’all. When there are sunsets like this to be seen, who could be miserable?

As mentioned previously, my books have now been removed from Amazon. I needed this change because, to be honest, working through Amazon made me feel squicky. Was it the obvious, easiest choice? Of course. But when the next obvious, easiest choice is selling your soul to a demon at a crossroads, you have to kind of consider your definitions a bit.

Removing my works from the grasp of nearly the entire planet seems like a really terrible business plan, which means I need to do some massive recalibrating on my goals. Previously, my plan was to take the rest of 2021 off from the publishing blitz in favor of a sabbatical, only to return to writing in earnest in 2022. I would write the last two books of my Spellbound series and joyously move on to some new creative endeavor that would surely be fruitful and magnificent.

Yeah, that’s not gonna happen.

With half of the series now pulled, I plan to instead write what would have been the last two books, add it to the first two and actually sell them as they were meant to be sold–as one novel. This also gives me the opportunity to tinker a bit with things that bugged me about the first two books. So it’s a win-win!

I feel pretty good about this choice. Without those royalties coming in, I have other plans lined up to use my writing to make some money in the meantime, and I’m sure we’ll cover that later. For now, though, I’m continuing on with deprogramming my brain from the “social media” nonsense and learning to be present in my own life.